Founder Spotlight: Jewel Burks (Partpic)

During the tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia Jewel Burks presented her company, Partpic to win the pitch competition and $100,000 investment from Steve Case.  Partpic was acquired in November 2016. 
Tell us about your background.  What has helped to shape who you are as an entrepreneur?
I am originally from Nashville, TN, graduated from Howard University and worked at Google and McMaster-Carr before founding Partpic. Now I'm most interested in increasing access and representation for underrepresented people in the tech industry. 
What does Partpic do?
We founded Partpic make part search easy; you simply take a picture and within a few seconds discover the exact product. We were acquired in November 2016. 
What advice would you offer other entrepreneurs?
I am happy to chat with any founder about my experience selling Partpic - particularly folks who are trying to determine the right time to sell vs. continuing to build your business. 


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